Our Vision

Beauty nowadays is not limited to the well-known wise saying “Beauty is more than skin deep”. Good looks have become necessary and an urgent need to our society. Everybody deserves to feel satisfaction and confidence through their appearance. So, Bella Roma Specialty Hospital envisions a world where we leave a cosmetic print that pleases everyone who dreams and seeks to beautify his/her appearance.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to grant our patients the ultimate experience in cosmetics, beauty and care. We’re committed to making you look special and feel special as well. This is why it’s a critical part of our mission to give you cosmetic surgery and treatments customized for you individually. And this is why our staff treat you with personal and individualized care.

Our Goals

Help patients in making the correct decisions.
Grant all who enter our center the dreams they seek.
Provide patients complete satisfaction about their appearance, boosting their self-confidence.
Give the best services with the highest standards of safety, confidentiality and comfort.

Our Values

A Work That Matters.

We focus on the type of work that makes a difference in the quality of our patient’s lives.

Deliver What’s Deserved.

Our patients deserve nothing less than a reliable, courteous and inclusive service.

A perfect work environment.

To employ our best potentials, we maintain an environment that attracts, stimulates and encourages innovation.

We Value Each Other.

We recognize every individual talent and expertise and collaborate with respect, kindness and encouragement.

Our Staff

Surely, we can’t forget or ignore the efforts of our highly experienced staff and their high efficiency; just as the patients, whom we’re honored and pleased by their care and treatment, admit and attest. Our unique and extraordinary team is always updated on the advances and the latest in the world of cosmetics, such as body reshaping, body contouring (liposuction, lifting, breast augmentation and reduction, gynecomastia (a case of large male breasts), buttocks augmentation, nose job, correction of prominent ears, laser hair removal, skin care, etc.). We promise the latest techniques and the most advanced treatments. Be assured as you are in good hands.