Smile Design & Analysis

We can’t make the same smile for everyone, as the design may differ according to the shape of the face, the mouth and person’s teeth.

At Bella Roma we are keen to cooperate with you to design a smile that boosts your attractiveness and gives you self-esteem by Veneer and Lumineer with their multiple varieties like Glass Ceramic, Zircon with graded colors or transparent. We also have VIP Style Ceramic provided by the best trademarks in the ceramic industry. We are always keen to give our patients the best materials to receive fascinating results.

To gain the smile you’ve always dreamed of as soon as possible, we provide you at Bella Roma with Cad Cam technology which is a revolution in smile designing methods and technologies. You will be provided with fascinating results with the least time and inconvenience, since a breathtaking flawless smile has become accessible to everyone nowadays.

The greatest advantage is the fact that work which needed days to finish, is now achieved and finished within only 24 hours. Cad Cam technology uses ceramic devoid of metal. This material is characterized by being pre-compressed so if any section of it is taken, the density, smoothness and all its pieces would be similar to any other part, which is non-feasible when using hand or laboratory work, this way you will definitely gain the perfect smile in a short period of time.