Orthodontics (Transparent – Invisalign)

Orthodontics (Transparent – Invisalign)

Transparent or Invisalign is a removable and transparent orthodontist used to move teeth to small distances with patients who need orthodontic treatment. It is comprised from a series of semi-transparent acrylic molds that are fixed on the patient’s teeth for periods of time and are replaced as each period is gone.

Special plastic substances are used in Invisalign that are designed pursuant to the size of the teeth of the patient.

It is a series of devices set by the patient for certain periods of one to two weeks according to the diagnosis of the doctor and then replace the device to move to the next stage so that his teeth gets to healthier condition from the past. When the treatment period comes to its end, the teeth becomes in the desired state.


Invisalign is used to treat:

– Dental contention

– Odontoloxy

– Rounded teeth

– Slanted teeth

– Teeth moving toward front or back