Nefertiti & Texas

Nefertiti & Texas

Nefertiti for Neck and Chin Lift
Nefertiti technique is for lifting the neck and the skin, also to wipe out all ageing effects appearing like skin sagging, wrinkle marks, shrinking and prominent neck lines.
It’s applied by Botox injection in the contracted muscles to relax and smoothen and soften them to make them look smaller. And this gives the jaw a sharper and thinner look. It also helps give a noticeable relative lift for the cheeks and contours the chin as well as the neck, all leading to full facial vividness and freshness.

It’s applied according to the following conditions and cases:
– Getting rid of the neck sagging
– Neck lift and removal of obvious lines
– Disposing chin and neck side wrinkles
– Dispensing what is called “double chin”


Texas for Contouring the Chin Area
Texas technique is about making the shape of the jaw and the face broader, that gives woman a more adequate aesthetic appearance and makes her facial appearance more clear.
This technique is considered one of the safest and completely non complicated ones, as it is nonsurgical and doesn’t require any preparing or any special procedures because it could be applied at your doctor’s clinic in no time.

It’s for:
– Filling noticeable skinny or thin areas in the surrounding areas of the lower jaw and the chin front. It makes the lower jaw broader than its real size
– Beautifying facial appearance and a skinny chin area in particular
– Making the jaw broader and giving it additional size


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