Director’s Message



I and the staff of Bella Roma Specialty Hospital are welcoming you and inviting you to browse through our website to get a glimpse of our services and capacities.

Our center, which was established in 2010, and was expanded later in 2013 to include a one-day surgery center, is currently announcing in 2017 the launch of a Specialty Hospital for Cosmetic Surgery. Our unlimited and unrivaled experience in the world of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical ones makes Bella Roma Center a brilliant name and elevates our profile into becoming one of the most important cosmetic surgery centers in the Emirate of Dubai.

At Bella Roma, we promise you extreme and complete care in addition to incomparable quality as we present our experience and multiple services to you, to which we are always in a continuous development for them to be convenient to our patient’s needs. This is our method of securing and guaranteeing a unique medical care.

Bellaroma promises all of its patients the privacy and secrecy as we respect and appreciate patients’ will; to adhere to privacy and secrecy in any cosmetic procedure they want to do. The staff of Bella Roma Center is always delighted to serve and care for you and to be the first supporter in the course of your cosmetic journey. May God protect and safeguard you!


Executive General Director

Dr. Rawd Abdul Kader.