Since its establishment in Dubai in 2010, and up until its expansion to include a state-of-the-art Cosmetic Surgery Department in 2017, Bellaroma Specialty Hospital has never ceased to be a pioneering one-stop provider of beauty needs. From cosmetic surgery to non – surgical cosmetics and from one-day plastic surgeries to fitness, body identification, skincare and dental beauty, our portfolio of satisfied clients extends from hundreds of UAE and GCC residents to multinational patients not forgetting celebrities and VIPs from all around the globe.

What distinguishes Bellaroma’s top-quality cosmetic enhancement is the personalized care we grant our patients. We give you the excellence you deserve. Bellaroma Specialty Hospital provides comprehensive treatment plans that adhere to stringent, world-class standards to make sure your treatments, surgeries and procedures go fluently and achieve the results that precisely match your expectations.

At Bellaroma, we believe in the right of prospective patients to seek only the best plastic surgeons, body sculptors and skincare experts in the UAE. This is why we offer free consultation as an opportunity for you to get a feel of the experience, become familiar, gain confidence and get comfortable. We help you make sure that you’re making the right decision and that you’re choosing the right facility.

Attitude toward patients

We are committed to caring about our patients on a personal level as the ultimate way to guarantee their happiness while under our service. When you’re at Bellaroma, you’ll be treated as a family member rather than just a patient. We are committed to caring about your appearance and your health.

The Bellaroma Touch

The science of plastic surgeries & non-surgical treatments is an ever-growing, constantly-improving aspect of medicine. At Bellaroma, we keep up with the modern technologies, intricate techniques and cutting-edge ideas that are prominent throughout the beauty industry. In addition, our doctors, surgeons and practitioners routinely travel to give lectures and attend conventions and meetings within the UAE, GCC and all over the world. Not only we stay up-to-date with the latest innovations, but we also exchange revolutionary techniques and trade experience with other specialists.