Why Choose Bellaroma Specialty Hospital?

The reasons to choose us as your favorite and most trusted destination for your cosmetic surgery and non-surgical needs are many. As one of the largest and most well-equipped and well-staffed beauty clinics in the UAE, we bring together the advanced training and unmatched experience of an array of board-certified estheticians and plastic surgeons who are committed to all aspects of your health, self-esteem and beauty.

A Team Approach

Because you’re being catered to by a staff whose members are trained in collaborating inter-departmentally as one team, we can guarantee continuous care and a holistic approach. This aspect of being cared for by a whole team of professionals not only grants patients more comfort, but also enables Bellaroma to offer a wide spectrum of solutions delivered at the most efficient surgical costs and at a more flexible scheduling.

Recognition & Accreditation

Our cosmetic surgical facility complies with regional and international standards. We’re accredited by the *Insert the name of the country’s highest medical authority* and certified by various other national organizations specialized in surgery facilities. The Bellaroma facility harmonizes between a surgical center and a cosmetic clinic operated by a seasoned team of accredited practitioners, licensed nurses and certified aestheticians.

A Full-Fledged Facility

Bellaroma Specialty Hospital was designed to cohere with world-class beauty clinics. Our facility is equipped with everything needed to form a hub for unparalleled, cosmetic procedure services. Furthermore, our all-encompassing staff of doctors, therapists and nurses are devoted to best deploying our facility’s equipment to provide the plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments of a lifetime.

Answering Your Questions. Addressing Your Fears.

We believe in the key role of patient education. Because we care, our comprehensive initial consultations give you a private, face-to-face time with our specialty practitioners in order for you to develop a surrounding insight about all of your cosmetic options and the available solutions. This type of sessions is dedicated to you so you pose any question and raise any concerns.