Disposing Acne Scars & Surgery Prints

Disposing Acne Scars & Surgery Prints

(Fractional and Ematrix laser device) for disposing acne scars and surgery prints

No acne or burn scars anymore, thanks to the techniques of Bella Roma Specialty Hospital that they are relying upon.

EMatrix laser:

EMatrix is much different in its technique than other previous treatments as it treats the problem by laser light penetration of the subcutaneous layers without heating the upper surface of the skin providing wonderful results.

EMatrix stimulates collagen for treating acne scars and complications, burns and scars.


Fractional Laser:

It’s a revolutionary therapy in the world of laser used in treating acne scars, remodeling of surgical or accident wounds and any other marks resulting from ageing. Fractional laser makes you see quick and effective marvelous results right away.


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